RHANDERS has been in the hands of only 5 families since the foundation of Randers Handskefabrik (Randers Glove Factory) by the entrepreneurial merchant O.C. Kellermann in 1811. One of the characteristics of RHANDERS is still that it is run like a family business, where all employees play their own part in the tale of RHANDERS and put their individual fingerprints on the beautiful, old company. 

Here you’ll meet some of the people of RHANDERS, and hear them tell the tales of their favorite designs from the collection.


Rina is the heart and soul of RHANDERS. Both as the owner and CEO of RHANDERS, but also in her style and being. The respect and love for premium design and sustainability is reflected in all her actions. She dares to dream and create design classics balancing renewal and tradition.
All her spare money is spent on her and her family’s own forest north of Randers, Denmark, and she swears by porridge for breakfast every day.

Rina’s favourite glove is the iconic “Anna”, which has been a part of the RHANDERS collection for over 80 years and is still our bestselling glove to this day.



Arne Vejrum is the one true connoisseur in regard to glove-making tradition.
As the son of Ejner Vejrum who took over Randers Handskefabrik in 1927, Arne has been a part of everyday life at the glove factory both as a child, and later when he and his brother Erik took over the prosperous company, renowned in both Denmark and abroad.

Arne was educated in the traditional skills of tanning and colouring for more than 10 years in Switzerland, France and England, and speaks several languages fluently.
Being the previous owner he is the rock to rely upon both in glove-making skills and - knowledge, and for tales of the company through times, and as a fun fact, he makes the most wonderful walnut wine.

Arne’s favourite glove is “George”, which has been used by the Danish police force for decades, and in its form and functionality is a true RHANDERS classic.



With her practical elegance and outstanding flair for structure, Isabella brings joy and order to the RHANDERS team. In her role as Business & Development Manager, she’s in charge of all development projects. 

Always immaculately dressed with a special twist of RHANDERS in her styling, and with her hair naturally curly and beautiful. Isabella loves avocado on the Danish speciality, rye bread, for lunch and loves bathing in the sea - both summer and high winter. 

Isabella has been a part of the newest chapter of the RHANDERS story almost ever since Rina Hansen took over the company in 2019, and it’s not a coincidence that first a glove, and now an entire collection of beautiful bags featuring the quilted Kalmus-pattern, carries her name. 



With dedication and commitment, Mette is the happy voice our customers hear when calling us - and has been so for the past 11 years. Her heartwarming interest in all her colleagues and her fabulous ability to remember the names of all our designs makes her our favourite colleague.
Mette is a true tea-lover and apart from a well-made cup of tea, she loves her sumptuous flower garden. 

The warm Helena mitten is Mette’s favourite design, as they keep her hands warm even on the coldest days. Helena is hand-sewn at our glove atelier i Randers by our skilled seamstresses.



With an impeccable eye for detail Line delivers digital strategy and development on the highest level as the company’s CCO. Her wardrobe only consists of dresses and other feminine silhouettes, and the deep navy blue colour is her absolute favourite. Behind the navy blue-clad exterior, she contains a vast knowledge of history and an ability to only be able to concentrate fully while listening to classical music. 

The Cecilia Collection with its elegant details is Line's favourite collection. Also because the Cecilia glove with its elasticated wrist is perfect for Line as she is often feeling cold around her wrists.