RHANDERS was founded in 1811, and today each individual store is the epitome of craftsmanship, tradition and design.
We're proud to present to you our concept stores in some of the most beautiful locations in Denmark.

Explore each store below

Randers, Torvegade 12

Visit our beautiful store in a historical building from 1893 in the middle of beautiful Randers.
A store like no other in its vast beauty and richly decorated coffered ceiling.


Copenhagen, Frederiksberggade 36

The store in the Copenhagen main square opened in 1958, and is today the epitome of a classic store experience.


Aarhus, Volden 4

When walking through the beautiful cobbled streets of the Latin quarter in Aarhus, the RHANDERS store catches the eye and drawns you into a universe of beauty, craftsmanship and design.


Randers, Factory Outlet

Located in our atelier, giving you a unique glimpse into how the honoured craftsmanship is created - while at the same time offering an exceptional chance to secure gloves, belts and other delicious things at outlet prices.

Grenåvej 26
8960 Randers