The Kalmus flower is a plant that can be found in proximity of rivers and dams, blooming in the months of July and August.

Originally from India, the plant was brought to the water streams in Randers by French monks during the Middle Ages, where the tanners by the river found it very useful due to its characteristic scent. It was furthermore known for its healing properties and had been used as a medical plant in eastern medicine. 

The kalmus has a charming aroma with a hint of citrus and cinnamon, reminding one of Eau de Cologne. It was this characteristic smell, together with the gloves' incredible softness, that made European Royals and Aristocrats, including the French Queen Marie Antoinette, specifically request gloves from Randers.

As a homage to the heritage and history of Randers glove-making, the graphical shape of the kalmus flower is now adorning all RHANDERS products.


The kalmus is plated with 14 carat gold for women and hematite for men - with the choice of plating being rooted in the beneficial properties of the flower. E.g., gold is known to attract happiness and amplify positive feelings, linked to the heart chakra. Hematite, on a similar note of positivity, has a grounding and balancing effect. It activates the root chakra, the energy center that anchors us to earth and provides a feeling of stability. 

In the RHANDERS line, the kalmus roots us to our the heritage and makes every pair of gloves a treasure. And, if you desire an extra special treat, you have the opportunity of engraving your very own monogram on the kalmus jewellery. Simply add to cart together with your selected gloves. 

January 11, 2022 — Rina Hansen
Tags: blog