Frequently asked questions

At RHANDERS we take great pride in serving and inspiring you to find the right gloves and accessories. On this page, we’re answering some of the most frequently asked questions. And if you can’t find the answer to your questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at



How do I find my glove size?

You’ll find your glove size by measuring the circumference of your preferred hand at the widest point (without your thumb) using a measuring tape. The measurement must be in centimetres.

Divide your measurement by 2,7 to get your exact glove size in French inches.

If your calculated size is e.g. 7,15’’ you round off the number to the nearest size, as your gloves should rather be a bit too tight at first, as it adjusts to your hand when in use. 

Read all about how to find your glove size here

How should my gloves fit?

The joy of the perfect fit is essential:

Your gloves should feel a bit tight the first time you wear them. Gloves are like a good pair of jeans: They will adjust to your exact shape as you wear them. 

Read all about glove fitting here

Should I always choose the same glove size?

Each and every RHANDERS glove is uniquely made by hand according to classic craftsmanship traditions, therefore in a few cases, there may be variations in the sizes.

If you choose a glove such as HELENA, HELENA HEART or HECTOR HEART, we recommend that you go up a size for maximum comfort.

What does OS mean?

OS = One-Size
Several of our popular RHANDERS gloves are available in a one-size version.This design allows the glove to fit different hand sizes.

See each product for specific information.


What leather are gloves made of?

RHANDERS gloves are made from natural materials, and most of our gloves are made from lamb leather and nothing else. Our leathers are carefully chosen, and we surveil the entire crafting process closely. 

Get to know all of our materials in our Materials and Techniques section.

How are gloves from RHANDERS and Randers Handsker sewn?

Our gloves are hand-sewn using sewing techniques used in our glove atelier for centuries. RHANDERS are particularly famous for using the delicate and difficult sewing technique; full piqué. Full piqué sewing is a special technique that allows the leather to lay flat against the fingers and thereby enhances both fit and comfort compared to the much cheaper sewing technique with inside seams.

Can I have custom-made gloves?

Since 1811, RHANDERS has been designing gloves. We are happy to accommodate your wishes for a unique pair of gloves. The process itself lasts between 3-9 months depending on model development, skin and type. It costs approximately 3 times the price of a glove we have already produced.

Style and design

Which gloves for women are most popular?

Treat yourself to one of our bestsellers for women. Among these you will find gloves in exquisite lambskin that will accompany you for years - both in quality, durability and style.


Find your favourite among our BESTSELLERS FOR WOMEN

Which gloves for men are most popular?

Among our bestsellers for men, you'll find gloves that have been tried and tested for decades - and that will accompany you for generations:


Find your favourite among our BESTSELLERS FOR MEN

Which is the warmest glove?

Even on the coldest days, mittens from RHANDERS can keep your hands soft and warm. Surrounded by the softest pearl lamb or Icelandic double face lamb you are well dressed.


Care and repair

How do I best store and care for my gloves?

To ensure your leather gloves have a good long life, they need love and care:

We use aniline leather of the finest quality, your gloves therefore cannot withstand any kind of treatment, impregnation or wax. In fact, it can destroy the leather's breathability if applied to the surface.

Use only a dry cotton cloth to polish the glove.
Store your gloves flat (not crumpled) protected from heat and light - or in your car's glove compartment.

We have collected our best advice on how to extend the life of your gloves. Read more about DAILY USE & MAINTENANCE

What can my gloves withstand in terms of wind and weather?

Avoid using your leather gloves in rainy weather, and if you fancy a snowball fight, we recommend that you protect your gloves with a SOFTSHELL COVER, which, in addition to being windproof and water-repellent, is soft and warm and made from a reflective textile. Use the softshell mittens as they are or as an extra layer for your leather gloves.

What if a seam is broken or I need a new lining?

We believe in repairing and beautifying rather than replacing.

One of the most responsible choices we can make as a brand is to create quality products that last for decades.

We help replace a seam, iron and prepare your gloves for the next season, or change the lining for a new lease of life. We even offer to find a new mate for your gloves should you lose one. As a new innovative offer, we can also treat your gloves with an antibacterial treatment, which gives you and your gloves extra safety.

Read more about our Care & Repair HERE

I have lost one of my gloves. What to do?

If you lose a beloved glove - even after a few decades - you can buy a replacement. See which gloves HERE. We have also added a GPS to some of our gloves, so you can find the original again.

Customer service

What is your customer service opening hours?

At RHANDERS, we take great pride in serving and inspiring you. It's been a cornerstone of our business for generations: making sure you have gloves that last forever.

You are always welcome to contact us on 31 18 69 84 (all weekdays) or

When are your stores open?

Find the opening hours of our RANDERS BOUTIQUES HERE

Please note that other opening hour may occur during events, in connection with Black Week, Christmas and New Year.

Where can I buy RHANDERS and Randers Handsker?

You will find our range online and in our physical stores in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Randers.

The exquisite classic products, which contain more than 300 models in the standard range, are sold in specialist stores in Scandinavia, Germany, France, Great Britain and Japan.

Delivery and returns

What is the expected delivery time?

We ship orders daily Monday through Friday.

Orders are shipped with the most suitable carrier for your location. We manufacture the gloves, especially for you, and you can expect us to send your order within 1-6 business days. Read more about delivery and which countries we deliver to HERE

How do I return an item?

It means a lot to us that you are satisfied with your choice of RHANDERS gloves, which is why we offer an easy exchange and return service. For customers within the EU, this service is free.

If you wish to return your order, use our return form within 14 days of receiving your order, and we will reply with a pre-paid return label for you. See how to return your order HERE

Alternatively, you are always welcome to return and exchange your RHANDERS products in our stores - remember your order number. Find your nearest RHANDERS BOUTIQUE HERE

When can I expect the money to be returned?

We strive to process your refund within 24 hours of receiving your package or after we have received documentation that you have returned the package.

Please note that it may take up to 10 working days before you can see the refund in your account, depending on which bank and card issuer you have.

Please note that items with personalized monograms are non-refundable.

Read more about our return conditions HERE

Can I exchange an item bought online in stores?

With your order number, you have the option to exchange or return your online purchase in our physical stores. Find your nearest RHANDERS store HERE.

How can I track my orders?

When purchasing online, you will receive an email with your tracking information when your order has been registered with the shipping company. In Denmark, we ship with GLS and TNT / FEDEX abroad.

Gift cards

Can I use my gift card online?

You can use your gift card in our physical stores in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Randers or online by entering your gift code at check-out.

Can I exchange my gift card for cash?

No, unfortunately, a gift card cannot be exchanged for cash.

Do you wrap gifts when I buy my present online?

We will gladly pack your online purchases in beautiful gift boxes and enclose a handwritten, personal card of your choice.


When was RHANDERS founded?

With roots dating back to the 13th century and officially established in 1811, RHANDERS is the world's oldest existing glove factory and celebrated its 210th anniversary in 2021.

The glove factory was founded in Randers by O.C. Kellermann with the desire to revive the city's world-renowned glove production.

Since 1811, the company has been in the hands of just 4 families, with the most recent family running the glove factory through 3 generations and still contributing their expertise in production.

Since 2019, a new family has begun the next step in the history of Randers Gloves with the aim of bringing the award-winning brand forward via the timeless quality products in the RHANDERS collection.

Find out more about RHANDERS' history HERE

What is the difference between RHANDERS & Randers Handsker?

Though there has never been a company called Randers Handsker, "Gloves from Randers" or "Randers Gloves" ("Randers Handsker" in Danish) has for centuries been labelling the popular gloves originating from Randers.
The “Randers Handsker” label is still being lovingly crafted today. It is the original glove brand – known for its unchanged quality, fit and craftsmanship for more than 200 years.

Armed with a mission of safeguarding and innovating 800 years of honoured gloving and leather craftsmanship, the new owners updated the company’s name to RHANDERS in 2019. A name with deep roots in heritage and history. Firstly, to legally protect and trademark the brand and secondly to rebuild the premium lifestyle brand.

Today, RHANDERS has revived its atelier production in Denmark and is known for the finest craftsmanship in gloves, bags, belts, scarves and knitwear - and is taking the first steps in revitalising the clothing collection, responsibly crafted in Denmark according to the original values, traditions and artisanship.

Is RHANDERS Purveyor to the Royal Danish Court?

RHANDERS has supplied gloves and leather goods to Royal families for centuries.

Since 2000, the company has carried the title Purveyor to the Royal Danish Court. To this day RHANDERS continues to proudly glove Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II and Crown Princess Mary as well as the entire royal family.
Likewise, RHANDERS continues to design and make gloves for the Royal Navy, the SWAT team, the police and the Royal Life Guard.

Find out much more about RHANDERS’ heritage HERE

What does RHANDERS do in relation to sustainability?

At RHANDERS, we focus on the responsible use of our textiles and raw materials through reuse, reprocessing and recycling. At the same time, we never destroy or discard old or defective goods. We ensure that all scraps are recycled in our own atelier.

The basis of our craftsmanship is the materials we work with, and we always choose the most untreated, natural and ecological options we can find - aniline leather, wool, cotton, and peace silk.

Naturally, our packaging is made of plastic-free FSC-certified material.

Read more about how we strive to be a sustainable company HERE