A guide for choosing the right gloves from RHANDERS.

RHANDERS has developed and perfected the art of creating classic gloves and accessories for more than 200 years. 

Our collection includes gloves fit for all occasions and seasons, whether you are looking for lined gloves for colder days, unlined gloves for beautiful spring mornings, a driving glove securing the perfect grip of your steering wheel (and an impeccable look) or an elegant glove as the finishing touch to a beautiful attire.
We have created a glove guide, which guides you through all the steps needed to find the perfect pair of gloves, including a thourough guide on how to find your glove size. 

The glove guide - step by step

Follow the 6 steps of our glove guide to know everything about the perfect glove for you:

  • How to find my glove size?
  • The perfect fit of the glove?
  • Which type of glove to choose?
  • Which type of material is suitable for my needs?
  • How to care for my gloves?
  • Can I have my gloves repaired?

Every step covers our most frequently asked questions and considerations linked to the purchase of luxury gloves: Sizing, fitting, design, choice of material, care and repair to help you choose the perfect glove.

If still in doubt after reading this guide, please reach out to our customer service at customerservice@rhanders.com or visit one of our Danish stores.

Step 1: How to find my glove size?

You’ll find your glove size by measuring the circumference of your preferred hand at the widest point (without your thumb) using a measuring tape. The measurement must be in centimetres.

Then you divide the number by 2,7 to get your exact glove size in French inches.

If your calculated size is e.g. 7,15’’ you round off the number to the nearest size, as your gloves should rather be a bit too tight at first, as it adjusts to your hand when in use. 

When looking for mittens, you should go for one size larger than you would normally choose, as you will experience the ultimate warmth and comfort for your hands.  

Our gloves are available in both whole and half sizes:
For women in sizes from 6 to 8.5 and men in sizes from 7 to 11.

Glove measuring tool

Download and print your very own RHANDERS glove measuring tool, or get a free tool in one our of stores.


    Step 2: How should my gloves fit?

    The joy of the perfect fit is very important:

    Your gloves should feel a bit tight the first time you wear them. Gloves are like a good pair of jeans: They will adjust to your exact shape as you wear them. 

    Seldomly you might still feel that the fingers are too tight after some time. If so, you are welcome to visit one of our stores (Denmark), where we have the tools to expand the fingers to your need, or you can contact our customer service (customerservice@rhanders.com) to be guided through how to do this at home. 

    Our one-size gloves (Marked with “OS” or "one-size") have lycra-panels placed in the palm and fingers of the glove, which makes the glove feel comfortable for different glove sizes. This makes a one-size glove the ideal choice for a present, if the recipient’s glove size is not known. 

    Putting on your gloves correctly increases the life of your gloves. Want to learn how to put on your gloves correctly? Click here to see the guide

    Step 3: Which pair of gloves should I choose?

    At RHANDERS vi have a glove for all seasons and occasions. Find the perfect glove to match your story:

    Lined gloves make you ready for winter and cold spring mornings. The soft lining made from either wool, pearl lamb, fleece or rabbit embraces your hands and keeps them warm. 
    Lined gloves for women / Lined gloves for men

    Unlined gloves
    made from exquisite lambs- or peccary lining offer your hands a soft touch and an amazing strength. Your preferred choice for driving, hunting or playing golf.
    Unlined gloves for women / Unlined gloves for men

    Driving gloves from RHANDERS offer you the ultimate feeling of freedom and adventure. Experience the ultimate grip on your steering wheel and the thrill of classic motorsports. 
    Driving gloves for women / Driving gloves for men

    Premium gloves are for those, who wants a pair of gloves that lasts a lifetime. Made from our most luxurious materials and using our most delicate sewing techniques. 
    Premium gloves for women / Premium gloves for men

    Warmest gloves or mittens are essential to keep your hands warm in the cold winter months 
    Warm gloves for women / Warm gloves for men

    Feeling like a warm hug, the
    Mittens from RHANDERS will hold your hands warm during the coldest days of the year. 
    Mittens for women / Mittens for men

    Innovative and functional
    antibacterial gloves protects you against bacteria
    Antibacterial gloves for women / Antibacterial gloves for men

    Looking for an elegant evening- or crochet glove, to add a spark of old Hollywood to your look?
    Long gloves / Party gloves

    Indulge in a pair of our bestselling gloves. Gloves that will be with you for generations in both quality, durability and style.
    Bestsellers for women / Bestsellers for men

    Step 4: Which material to choose? 

    Our gloves are handcrafted from natural materials, and we carefully select each piece of leather used to craft our designs. This is to ensure the perfect result in creating a pair of RHANDERS gloves every time.

    Get to know all the different leathers and their characteristics:

    Lamb leather: Gloves hand-sewn from lamb leather are butter soft, yet strong. Lamb leather is available in a wide variety of colours

    Goat leather is perfect for gloves worn for durability. This type of leather is seen as almost indestructible.

    is a rare and much-coveted glove leather, stemming from the South-American peccary. The feel is luxurious, soft, flexible and has a very characteristic structure. 

    Pearl lamb is one of the warmest lining in our gloves, and is well-suited to usage on the coldest days of the year. The softer the curls in the lining, the warmer the glove. That is the magic of pearl lamb.

    Double-face long-haired soft lamb
    is made into our popular mittens, and serves as both the outer material and lining, creating the ultimate comfortable glove for cold days. 

    Touch technology
    Did you know, that a many of our gloves feature a touch technology making it possible to use your smartphone while wearing gloves. Explore some of the styles here: 



    Water repellent 3M technology: Most of our gloves are treated with water repellent technology, meaning that you will never have to treat the leather with a waterproofing treatment. On the contrary, this will make the gloves look matte, and affect the leather’s breathability. 

    Read more about all our materials

    Step 5: How to care for my gloves?

    To ensure that your gloves will last for decades, they need a lot of love and very little care. 

    We have collected our best advice for how to prolong the lifetime of your gloves right here: All about product care

    Our gloves are made from the finest aniline leathers, that don’t need any kind of treatment, silicone or wax. Actually, it will ruin the leather if added. Instead, you should only use a dry cotton cloth to buff your gloves.

    Avoid wearing your gloves in rainy weather as the gloves are water resistant, but the leather is not happy with being drenched.

    If you wish to make snowballs then use a softshell cover on top of your fine leather gloves.

    Stretch your gloves after use to keep them in shape. See the full guide here 

    Store your gloves flat and not folded, or squeezed in a pocket, and make sure to store them away from direct heat and light as it will dry out the leather. 

    Step 6: Can I have my gloves mended?

    We believe in repairing and beautyfying instead of replacing.
    We would love to help you repairing a seam, change the lining or iron your gloves, making them ready for a new season and an extended life. Read all about this in our care & repair service

    Should you misplace one of your gloves we can also help you, as several of our most popular styles are available as single gloves. See the collection here


    We would love to help you

    If you’re still in doubt which glove to choose, then perhaps enjoy the vast selection of gloves for either women or men, and be inspired by both historic styles or updated classics. 

    And if in need of guidance and help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Care at customerservice@rhanders.com