George is noble, traditional and reliable. He upholds law and order, and is famously known as the Police Glove, as he was originally designed for the Danish law enforcement services. Since then, he has gathered a dedicated following - many of whom has been so fortunate to have him handed down from their retired grandfathers from the force. George continues the tradition of protection, comfort and security. 

:: Designed in our atelier in the 1950's for the police
:: Water repellent 3M nano-technology 
:: Choose touch technology for mobil phone use or no touch tech
:: Warm curly lamb lining
:: Hematite plated Kalmus flower

:: The finest and most exquisite lamb leather, offering a butter-soft touch with an astonishing world-class strength
:: Curly lamb lining creating the ultimate warm glove
:: 3 dents
:: Table-cut by hand as per centuries of glove-cutting tradition
:: Designed, crafted and built on more than 200 years of experience

    Stitched with prix seams for a casual and masculine look. Elasticated wrist detail on the palm for a good fit. Finished with a slim piping seam on the hem, leading to a vent on the palm of the hand.  

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