RHANDERS was officially founded in 1811 to revive and sustain the city's internationally renowned gloving artisanry, encompassing a proud lineage of glovers dating all the way back to the 1250s. From its very inception, premium craftsmanship was and is a reigning principle of our company. 

We believe it's our mission and obligation to nurture and safeguard our legacy; centuries of knowledge and craftsmanship, while continuously innovating and mastering new technologies in order to create a beautiful bridge between the old and new, between heritage and fashion.  

This means we craft products suited for modern living, but equally it allows us to invest in skilled artisans and regional craftsmanship by welcoming back retired glove makers; cutters and seamstresses,  and bringing in young trainees to learn from the seasoned masters.

Recently, we took our mission a step further and went in search of likeminded people who were still exercising their artisanship in Denmark. People who were passionate experts in their individual field of art and craft. People who had built companies that stood the test of time through generations. People who care about premium quality and products that last for centuries, which we believe is the essence of timeless design. While searching we discovered wonderful companies that have been run responsibly for generations and still label their products 'Made in Denmark’. To mention a few, we built relationships with the only remaining heritage belt maker and knitwear atelier, and partnered with our local goldsmith who now provides us with a personal monogram service for bespoke orders. 




In order to source and provide the finest materials for our gloves, we have long standing friendships with tanneries across the world. Historically, from the 12th to the 19th century, Randers glove leather was tanned with willow bark in the local stream where the Calamus plants lent the gloves their famed sweet scent. Later, in 1812, mineral aluminium salts (alum) tanning was introduced, which allowed for colourful gloves, while in modern times chrome tanning and colouring became the most popular method. Recently, in 2012, the leather industry started experimenting with vegetable tanning and at RHANDERS we have introduced ‘veg tanned leather’ in models where the material compliments the cut.  

Although we have discontinued our own tannery in 2014, we continuously seek the most responsible tanning methods for our thin, stretchy and ultra soft glove leather - and we look forward to continuously championing new organic and natural materials, that complement our traditional leathers. However, 'vegan' or faux leather will never enter our collection, as long as these are made of plastic or fossil fuels that harm our environment.

All of our partner tanneries are highly-rated members of Leather Working Group (LWG) or The Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium, ensuring best industry standard when it comes to chemical management and environmental care. This means our tanneries perform ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals), using modern plants with reverse osmosis systems, guaranteeing no harmful substances come into contact with the environment or our consumers.


All leather used for RHANDERS gloves are by-products of the food industry, and we commit to avoiding leather from animals that are raised for the use of skins only, thereby ensuring respect for nature and the process. We’re proud to say that our leathers are simply the finest aniline available in the world. Since they are the cream of the crop, we do not cover beauty marks or minor imperfections with plastic (as is usually industry practice). Aesthetically, we believe in the idea that a small personal mark or a perfect flaw makes all the difference. More importantly, it is incredibly soft to the touch - you can simply feel it’s RHANDERS.


When it comes to fabrics and textiles we have the same ethos; it should be natural, responsible and long lasting. We even located one of the last standing fabric mills in Denmark – just 90 kilometres from our glove atelier, and are now introducing their timeless fabrics to our collection. So far, we are using their deadstock which is another wonderful way of continuing our responsible no-waste philosophy. The best part? We don’t have to fly the fabrics halfway across the world, we make it happen right next door. 

However, sometimes we do fall in love with textiles that are not made in Denmark, but have a long and rich heritage in another part of the world. One such fabric is our Peace Silk. An animal friendly, 100% pure harvest ensures the butterflies leave their cocoons before the craftsman delicately unravels the organic and soft silk. Our Peace Silk is then spun and blended with organic cotton, and are tailored into scarves, facemasks, blouses and much more at our own atelier in Denmark.


Hand in hand, we care for our world