SINCE 1811


Founded in 1811, Randers Handsker is one of the finest and longest standing glove-makers in the world – still crafting the most exquisite gloves for kings, queens and connoisseurs.

Now introducing the limited line, RHANDERS. Intrinsically timeless, transcending seasons, yet completely modern.

Founded in 1811

Randers handskefabrik

While Napoleon Bonaparte was facing his last battles at war, the initiative to build a glove factory in Randers, Denmark – known for its fine glove-making – was taken by O.C. Kellermann. He was a merchant with international experience, and so he gathered a group of skilled glove cutters and tanners from France and founded Randers Handskefabrik with 20 craftsmen.


200 men strong

This photo was taken in 1906, only showing the males working at the glove factory. The man in the white coat with hat,  running the factory, is surrounded by tanners, glove cutters, helpers and young family members


Crafting 20 pairs a day

The seamstresses were trained for at least a year before they could master the delicate full piqué technique. This overlapping technique is commanded in millimetres, one stitch at a time, without being able to see the stitching on the other side. Therefore, also called glove blind-stitching. The technique is still used today, only mastered by a few in the world.


to the danish crown

Following hundreds of years of gloving kings, queens and zarinas, Randers Handsker was appointed purveyor to the royal danish court 



A limited line for the discerning and contemporary consumer. Combining magnificent craftsmanship and minimalist luxury with practicality and durability.  

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