For centuries RHANDERS has had the honour of crafting gloves for the police, the FBI and the Queen’s Guard. Based on more than 200 years of experience, we have built unique features and functionalities, which we also bring into our beautiful classic gloves’ collection.

Our gloves are created by using only natural and responsible materials. Leather is not artificially produced, rather a byproduct made by nature and tied to the cycle of life.

We select our leather with great care, following raw materials and production throughout the entire process. Every pair of gloves has soul and purpose and leather is chosen accordingly. Our collection spans from long evening gloves made from ultra-thin lamb leather, to heavy duty combat gloves.

Learn to know the different leathers and technologies to find the pair of gloves that perfectly fits into your narrative.





Lamb is used for a wide range of gloves and can be found in two variants: Pure Aniline and Semi Aniline. The gloves created with Lamb leather are butter- soft, yet strong, and can be brought to life in many, many shades. Some colours are softer than other, depending on the colour treatment they received. For example, yellow is softer than black, as the skin has to go through a milder treatment.






Goat leather is perfect for gloves that require good wear resistance. This type of leather makes them robust, to the point that they are considered almost indestructible. Some pairs might appear to be stiff at first, but after being worn they start giving in and showing their soft heart.




The impeccable South American Peccary is the most sought-after glove- skin. Protected by the Washington Convention, only few skins leave the country each year for sustainability reasons. Guidelines by the CITES authorities in Geneva ensure the continued and healthy existence of this species in the future. Peccary has the most exquisite feel, but it is so strong that it will last a lifetime. Different from any other types of leather, it is also the most luxurious: soft, supple and with a very characteristic structure.



Slink is one of the warmest type of linings for our gloves. It is perfect for the coldest days of the year, making you happy when you get to warm your hands in the softest, and sweetest curls. The curls create an uneven surface, where the air in between them is quickly warmed up by your hand’s temperature and secured inside by the soft curls. That is why, the fluffier the curls, the warmer the glove. And that’s the magic of slink.



Double Face Lamb is mostly used as a lining for mittens – creating a glove that feels like the softest and most heart warming embrace in the world. Unlike Slink, this type of Lamb does not have curls, but is as fluffy as can be. It is usually used for mittens as it fills quite a lot of space, and because that’s where it’s needed the most, mittens being the warmest type of gloves.






The leather has been tanned with a touch of silver, enabling the leather to interact with smart phone screens.
Therefore, the touch screen leather has a slightly greyish tone in surface.




The leather has been treated with the renowned 3M Scotchgard nano- technology during the tanning process. Meaning that it is not a superficial treatment, but a treatment of the fibres in the leather – enabling the leather fibres to stay open and breathable.The treatment stays for the life of the glove, therefore you don’t ever need to treat the leather with a surface spray. On the contrary, spraying the leather will affect the gloves’ appearance and breathability.




One-size gloves have a palm that is created with strategically placed panels of lycra, known for its exceptional elasticity. This technology enables the glove to stretch and fit different hand sizes. It’s perfect for those who are looking for an easy-going style for everyday use, but whose sartorial standards are not up for discussion. They also make for the perfect gift.




The leather has been treated with a light pearlized spray after the tanning process. Meaning, you can still see the the colour and structure of the natural leather, even though the feel is slightly more stiff than pure aniline leather. A beneficial property of metallic glove leather, apart from the sparkles, is that it is more resistant to external agents and dirt.