For more than 200 years RHANDERS has been a global treasure due to the founding values of our brand: Quality Craftsmanship, Timeless Design and Cultural Heritage. Our commitment to unparalleled artisanship, heritage design and premium products has been passed down through generations and to this day are actively part of shaping how we do business and how we make our products. We believe in leaving a positive imprint on the world, using our hands for the betterment of the community, and building a holistic and harmonious relationship with our environment. 


Since the company’s inception in 1811 premium craftsmanship was and is our reigning principle. 

With the proper care and wear, a pair of RHANDERS gloves can last a lifetime, and because we believe in crafting classic hero pieces - they will keep you in fashion for just as long. 

As the only remaining glove maker in Denmark we support skilled artisans and the art of our trade by working with retired glovers and bringing in young trainees to learn from the seasoned masters. Simultaneously, we partner with the cream of the crop of Denmark’s heritage craftsmen such as beltmakers, knit ateliers and goldsmiths, and naturally all our tanneries are gold-standard. 

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One of the most responsible things you can do as a company is to make quality products that last for years, but we also believe sustainability should be a 360° commitment so it goes without saying that our approach ranges from conscious use of our precious textiles and raw materials to mindful waste management. The foundation of our craft is the materials we work with, so we always choose the most natural, uncoated, organic and responsible options available; aniline leather, wool, cotton and peace silk. We never destroy or discard our products, instead we are committed to all materials being used or reused at our own facilities and we offer our customers the same service through our exclusive initiatives: Care & Repair, The Lost Hand Bureau, Second Hand and Make Your Own.

Oh, and of course all of our branded packaging is composed of plastic-free, FSC certified materials!

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Rumour has it that RHANDERS is the oldest trademarked company in Denmark, so we see it as our privilege and duty to care for our history and craft, keeping the knowledge and artisanship alive while continuously investing in innovation to offer the best of both worlds to our discerning customers.

Historically a holistic brand crafting gloves, clothes, bags, shoes, scarves and even perfumes, RHANDERS is returning to its place as a responsible, holistic heritage brand. We’ve been a royal favourite since the beginning of times and our gloves are still gracing the hands of modern stars.

Caring for our history also means caring for our environment and our community, and we are actively engaged in both; from supporting those in need to planting our own forest. 

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We welcome you to visit our RHANDERS Forest, which helps our company to be carbon positive.

Hand in hand, we care for our world