At RHANDERS we believe in premium quality products that last for years. Given the proper care and wear, our handcrafted products can travel with you for a lifetime - and our styles will stay in fashion for just as long. In fact, our bestselling gloves have been in our classic collection for more than 80 years - a true testament to our timeless design and quality craftsmanship. In our workshops we herald our trademark tradition of conscious use of precious textiles and raw materials through upcycling, recycling, reworking, and rewinding. 

We never destroy or discard our products, instead we are committed to all ‘left-overs’ being used or reused at our own facilities. Now we offer our customers the same service through our exclusive initiatives:


Care & Repair

The Lost Hand Bureau

(G)love Exchange

Make Your Own


Enduring Classics

RHANDERS takes seasonless to an entirely new level. We can repair and replace your gloves, bags and belts - even after decades. One could argue that our design philosophy is more like that of an architect’s than a fashion house. We build products for you to live in, so we strive for modern classics and timeless hero pieces, not seasonal trends. In short, we don’t make products for a season but for a reason, or a lifetime. And, to stay true to the value of our products, we never put our collections on sale.

ANNA and ARTHUR are perfect examples of timeless pieces that hold their own against the winds of change and time. They have been worn and reworn by devotees for decades without losing their style. 

Imagine having found the perfect pair of shoes, trousers - even socks, and wanting to replace them after they’ve been worn thin? Usually, it is near impossible to find an exact match due to fleeting fashion and commercial realities. But our atelier makes the impossible possible. As an example we helped Richard swap his 60 year old deer gloves for a brand new pair – the exact same model in 2021.





Care and Repair

As mentioned, our handmade gloves can last a lifetime - without going out of fashion. In fact, our bestselling products are based on our models from the 1830’s. A true testimony to great design and timeless products. 

When Preben came to us because the lining had worn out in his CHRISTIAN peccary gloves after keeping his hands and heart warm for more than 40 years we changed it for him (read the story here). 

We can help mend a broken seam, press and clean your gloves for winter, or as for Preben change the lining and give them a new lease on life. We even offer to find a new mate for your gloves, should you have lost a single and don’t want to abandon the one you still have.  As a new innovative feature, we also offer antibacterial treatment for your gloves with the Micro-Fresh technology, giving you and the ones around you extra protection and ease of mind.  

Read more about our care and repair offerings here.



The Lost Hand Bureau

Although we have offered custom made gloves in our boutiques since 1893, the first documented case of ‘glove mating’ was in 1962 when we helped a loyal customer find a new mate for his (g)love. The gentleman in question had misplaced one of his gloves going about town, and instead of buying a whole new pair, the most responsible thing to do would be to just sell a single replacement glove. After all, the remaining glove was in perfectly good condition. However, it can be a tricky matter to simply replace a glove as they take shape, form and even colour after the wearer and the weather. So, a brand new one will just look too out of place. Sometimes tanner, Arne Vejrum, would spend days at the atelier identifying just the right piece of leather to match the other glove. Mr Vejrum famously impresses upon everyone that meets him that he can predict how a glove will look in five years, so for repeat offenders, he would already know which leather to choose to match a pair in the future.

We still offer this service, so should you lose a loved classic glove – even after decades - you can purchase a new mate, so that you can happily enjoy the pair for as long as they both shall last. We are also working on putting a GPS tracker into the gloves, so that you can find your very own glove again (you should know by now we take gloves very seriously at RHANDERS).


  The (G)Love Exchange

Inspired by all our wonderful customers, who have gifted us with their stories, we wanted to collect as many as possible so that we can share and celebrate them. In the spirit of collectively caring for our planet’s resources, we wish to partner up with you in making sure nothing goes to waste, so we launched a Second Hand service. Here customers can bring in their old gloves, bags and belts to one of our stores together with their story. Our skilled store staff will evaluate the product in terms of category and state, and offer a 5-20% price reduction off the purchase of a new product in the same category.  The second hand product is then upcycled at our atelier - perhaps into a fresh pair of gloves with a new lining, or used for timeless product details. This allows the pre-loved item to enjoy a new long life with a new loving owner.  



Make your Own

Since we never throw anything away but always up-cycle our materials, we have gathered a treasure trove of pieces from our production during the last 94 years. These pieces have been reimagined into a selection of “Make your Own” kits. Step by step, the kit takes you through the making of Baby Moccasins or Baby Mittens, but you can also choose to fast-forward and purchase the finished product, caringly crafted by our artisans.

Read more about “Make your Own” and see the kits here.

Hand in hand, we care for our world