With roots dating back to the1250's, RHANDERS was officially founded in 1811 to revive and sustain the city's worldknown gloving craftsmanship - so one could say that craftsmanship is the life mission of the company. 

Even as RHANDERS began outsourcing in the 1890's, everything the company does is founded in sustainable and premium craftsmanship traditions.

Unfortunately, danish craft and artisanship has been dying out over the last 50 years, and with it the cultural heritage and understanding of our art.

However, we are doing our very best to hold on to our heritage and craftsmanship skills. Since the new generation took ownership of the company in 2018, we have brought back retired glove makers, cutters and seamstresses - and we have hired young trainees to learn the traditional skills from the masters. 


 Rina Hansen, the owner and CEO of RHANDERS explains: "It's our mission and our duty to protect and safeguard the heritage and the craftsmanship of this esteemed 210-years old company. But it is just as important to innovate and create a relevant bridge from the old times to our time of age. We need to make products for today. Otherwise, we would just be a working museum".

So, we took our mission a step further and went in search for likeminded people. People, who are passionate experts in their field of art and craft. People, who had built companies that stood the test of time through generations. People, who care about premium quality and products that last for centuries. People, who are still exercising their artisanship in Denmark. Because that is sustainable production and products.

In our search we found wonderful companies. Companies that have been run sustainably for generations, and are the last ones standing in their field of expertise - still writing 'Made in Denmark' on their products.  

We are proud to present the below selection of styles created by hand in Denmark. Together, we have designed, crafted and built the products on more than 300 years of experience.


Born from a desire of protecting and safeguarding true craftsmanship. 

We are proud of our collection of belts made in collaboration with Bosswik, who are true belt-artisans - the only ones remaining in Denmark. 

Our belts are passionately made by Anders Levorsen, a 3rd generation belt maker in the company.


Designed, developed and crafted hand in hand by two heritage companies with a love for premium, sustainable and longlasting craftsmanship. 

We are proud to collaborate with knitwear artisans OK Strik in Herning, Denmark. They run the atelier as 3rd generation, and hand craft all their production for RHANDERS in Denmark.

In fact, our beautiful lambswool scarves, beanies and fingerless gloves are made personally made by Ole Hansen himself. 

 And yes, we have more 'Made in Denmark' to come. We are on a mission!