Everything we do at RHANDERS is centered around our belief in timeless design and premium craftsmanship, so even when it comes to wrapping, packaging and printing they are our guiding principles.

All of our branded packaging is composed of plastic-free, FSC certified materials and all our paper and print needs are delivered by our local printer. We literally walk around the corner to pick up our postcards, hang tags and stickers, so no shipping is needed.


We are extremely proud of this collaboration with our neighbourhood print guru, but are even prouder of the fact that we have achieved a 360° large scale reduction of the amount of packaging we use. To illustrate this, we only have one branded postcard – and not a single one goes to waste since every pair of gloves that leave our atelier is accompanied by a handwritten note. 

The boxes are all made of sustainable fibres and like our last boxes we expect they will last us half a century. At the very least.

Of course, any good deed starts at home. When we needed a replacement for the much loved vintage glove boxes in our boutiques that had earned the right to retire after 50 years of diligent service, we went in search of like-minded artisans and found a local box magician. The boxes are all made of quality fibres and like our last boxes we expect they will last us half a century. At the very least.


While we historically wrote everything by hand (alas, computers were not yet invented in 1811), we have spent the last two years fully digitalising our systems, allowing us to replace piles of paper with a neat information system that seamlessly connects our sales channels.

Taking this a step further, we decided to go fully digital and eliminate all non-necessary paper goods from our webshop deliveries. Since every customer has the details of their purchase stored online, you will not find hangtags or printed receipts in the final package. You won’t even find a return slip or label, as we have less than 10% returns, so why waste the other 90%? Naturally, all of our shipping bags are recycled, compostable and reusable.


However, we do use a packing slip and we do use recycled plastic covers when shipping to wholesalers. Currently, that is the commercial reality and requirements of the industry, but hopefully, in the near future there will be more eco-friendly alternatives to plastic covers. We’re hoping sugar cane or hemp based solutions might be available soon. 

In our retail stores plastic bags have been eliminated as well. Customers receive their gloves in a box, which can be used for decades when storing the items over summer. Once leaving the store, a paper gift bag is offered or our ever-popular reusable shopping net is available.