With roots dating back to the 1250's, and officially founded in 1811, RHANDERS is the finest and longest standing glove-maker in the world, and can in 2021 celebrate its 210 year anniversary while looking toward a bright future. 

The story behind gloves from Randers is so deep and rich that some call it a fairy tale: 

Founded in 1811
The glove atelier was founded by O.C. Kellermann in Randers to revive the city's famous glove making. He was a skilled merchant with international experience, and he employed exceptional glove cutters and tanners from France to establish “Randers Handskefabrik” (Randers Glove Factory). Growing from 20 employees in 1811 to more than 200 employees at the beginning of the 19th century, Randers cemented its position as the epicentre of glove-making in Northern Europe - and is now one of the only places left in Northern Europe, where the tradition of glove-making is still safeguarded and nurtured. 


Tales of fashion and elegance

Throughout the 19th Century, RHANDERS was the preferred glove brand, and tales illustrate that numerous gloves were part of the daily attire. During this era of fashion, it was unthinkable to leave the house without gloves and hat. You would simply not be fully dressed nor properly protected against sun, wind, weather and germs. Tales also recount the elegant service performed in the glove stores, where ladies and gents were presented their preferred designs, while carefully having their hands measured and the gloves fitted meticulously to their personal shape, style and use. A tradition we still perform in our stores.

Traditions and the future

The company has been in the hands of just four families since 1811, while the most recent family has run the company for three generations, still actively bringing their world-renown expertise to every product. Today, a new family is commencing the next step in the company's history – bringing the trusted brand to the next generations and introducing the beautiful products to a new discerning and contemporary consumer.

With RHANDERS we are introducing a whole new center of gravity for fashion; Danish design and Danish craftsmanship. Our new product categories come to life at our own glove atelier, or in partnership with danish craftsmen, who share our love for premium, sustainable and long-lasting products.

Simply, we have made it our life-mission to safeguard this tiny treasure of cultural heritage and craftsmanship, and bring it into the future.  

Designs that last for generations

Some of our finest designs have a rich history on the hands of quality-conscious glove lovers.



One of our crown jewels, the Anna glove, was designed in our atelier in the 1830s. Since then, Anna has been a true icon. Loved by everyone from the Danish Princess Dagmar, who later became the Tzarina of Russia, and our current Crown Princess, to world's leading fashion instagrammers. Today, Anna looks toward the next 200 years - only slightly updated with water repellent nano-technology, touch-tech technology and, naturally, our signature 14 karat gold plated Kalmus flower.

Anna is famously crafted from the finest and most exquisite butter-soft aniline lamb leather. She is handsewn with the rare and delicate full-piqué sewing technique, which are only mastered by a few seamstresses in the world. And, she is lined with a soft wool lining, as well as, a warm pearl lamb lining for the colder days.


The Sophia gloves are the epitome of elegance. Cherished by Marie Antoinette, allegedly, in her early version, she evokes an elegant old-world refinement. In the 1920's Sophia was again magnificently represented as an opera glove, and today she is still one of our most precious designs.  

Sophia elongates your hand to the elbow in the 8" length, and makes a powerful statement in the 16" length, which reaches for the shoulder. She even comes as a one-size version with touch-tech for the stars of today.


Thyra entered the 1970's with full celebration of the ultimate tactile experience. She is crafted from ultra-thin, butter-soft suede, which was developed, tanned and coloured at our very own glove atelier. By chance, we have a few original pairs left, so gift yourself the ultimate treat: Gloving your hand with an unlined Thyra. It is an otherworldly experience. 



We have a deep and rich tradition of crafting gloves for the special forces, and the Arthur, George and Winston gloves all originate from the specially designed gloves, worn by the Royal Navy, the police force and the Queens Guard internationally. 


The predecessor of Winston is the iconic glove created for the Royal Danish Navy. Winston was created in the 1970s and draws its inspiration from the Royal Navy glove, but is a more classic glove, elevated for everyday life, which in both style and quality will last you a lifetime. Winston is made of the finest and most exquisite hair sheep leather, offering a butter-soft touch with an astonishing world-class strength, and features a warm wool-blend lining with a slight touch of nylon for strength and lifelong wear.



Designed in 1927, and one of RHANDERS’ signature designs, the Arthur glove is part of the official royal uniform. He has been worn by the Danish Kings, officers and Queens Guard at all occasions. Arthur is unlined and made from the finest and most exquisite lamb leather, offering a butter-soft touch with an astonishing world-class strength. When you secure a pair of Arthur gloves today, he has been treated with anti-bacterial technology.



George, also known as the “Police Glove” as he was originally designed for the Danish Police Force in the 1950s. He continues the tradition of protection, comfort and security - and is often passed on from generation to generation due to his durable and reliable nature. George sports water repellent nano-technology and touch-technology for mobile phone use, and is lined with the softest warm curly lamb lining.




All images from 1962 are from the movie "Drømmen om det hvide slot",

Directed by Anker Sørensen, Det Danske Filminstitut, 1962