2.998,00 kr

Arie Cape is born from a desire of protecting and safeguard true quality artisanship. We designed, developed and crafted her, hand in hand, with a fellow danish heritage company, who shares our life mission dedicated to premium and long-lasting craftsmanship.

The Arie Cape is soft and intricately designed, she can be used as a loose cape, or a beautifully fitted poncho, making the styling possibilities endless - and she will last you a lifetime in both design and quality. Match her with the Arie Scarf, Beanie or Arm Warmer.


:: Made in Denmark. Handcrafted by Ole Hansen in Herning, Denmark
:: Cut like a poncho with holes for belt styling 
:: Features a unique developed cable knit combined with flat knit design
:: Adorned with 14K gold plated Kalmus flower


:: The finest soft lambswool spun in Italy 
:: Handmade in Denmark as per danish knitwear crafting traditions
:: Designed, developed and crafted hand in hand by two heritage companies with a love for premium and long-lasting craftsmanship
:: Composition: 100% lambswool