Driving Gloves x Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club

The Rolls-Royce Enthusiast Club contacted RHANDERS to engage in a partnership based on our common values: craftsmanship, heritage and exquisite quality. 

Their proposal went straight to our heart. It's marks the core of who we are and what we work for every day. So, naturally we agreed to enter into an official partnership. 


The official partnership means that RHANDERS is positioned as the preferred brand within leather goods and gloves, showcased to all Rolls-Royce and Bentley owners. This endorsement has inspired us to look back and dive into our unique archive of driving gloves, as well as, looking towards the future of driving gloves.  


Rich heritage tones of cognac and blacks. Design classics coupled with updated and innovative styles. Explore the exclusive collection here


The RHANDERS driving gloves with the iconic 'knuckle holes' were designed and developed in our atelier in 1957. It was at that time that the car entered the common household. This meant that a new need for a functional glove was born. First and foremost, the gloves had to provide a good and secure grip on the steering wheel, function as a second skin, and also provide slight warmth to the hands. There was not yet heating in the cars, nor a grip friendly surface on the steering wheel or gears, so having a good pair of well-cut quality gloves were paramount. 

Today, driving gloves have evolved in parallel to the innovation of cars. The new driving gloves have touch technology so that you can navigate a screen without removing the gloves. They have antibacterial technology, keeping your hands fresh and hygienic, and they are available in a super comfortable one-size version. Because, to be honest, who knows their hat and glove size today - unlike well-dressed people did in the 1950s?

Nevertheless, driving gloves are still highly desired today. In fact, our classic driving gloves have been a bestselling style for both males and females for over 60 years - and it's more of a look and a lifestyle to wear driving gloves than a functional item. 

It's a true design classic, and the best part is that a good pairs of gloves will keep their fit, shaping to your hand and movements through out the years.  


The leather for the driving gloves are just 0.5 milimetres thick, literally creating a second skin for your hands. Soft, stretchy and delicate, but also protective, secure and strong.
Our driving gloves are sewn with full piqué, which is the most delicate sewing technique – only mastered by few seamstresses in the world. This results in a sophisticated finish with a perfectly elegant feel, wrapping tightly around your fingers, as there are no inside seams. 

The iconic knuckle holes are expertly made with pass poled seams. This requires not only special sewing machines, but also specific hammer tools and years of training. 


The year 2020 marks the 110th anniversary of Rolls-Royce’s iconic hood ornament, the Spirit of Ecstasy, Eleanor, or the Flying Lady as she is commonly known. To celebrate this we commissioned our friend and acclaimed illustrator, Mette Boesgaard to pay tribute to the Flying Lady with the help of the iconic driving gloves. She captured the spirit beautifully. 



As part of the celebrations, a beautiful coffee table book, 'Strive for Perfection', is published as an official commemorative album for the International Club for Rolls-Royce & Bentley Enthusiasts (RREC) to mark the 110th anniversary of the Flying Lady – the iconic hood ornament on every Rolls-Royce motor car.

In addition to being a celebration of motoring, the publication is designed to serve as a luxury lifestyle guide, wherein a chapter is dedicated to RHANDERS, 'The Glove Supreme', outlining the history, heritage and premium craftsmanship of the driving gloves.