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The Kalmus Baseball Cap is born from a desire of protecting and safeguard true quality artisanship. We designed, developed and crafted it, hand in hand, with the only danish cap-maker; Wilgart, who shares our life mission dedicated to premium and long-lasting craftsmanship.

We believe in the power of a classic piece: with this collaboration, the most iconic and versatile cap design has become a gem of rare craftsmanship.
Handcrafted, constructed and handsewn in Bornholm, Denmark, it is an ode and testament to a craft we thought we might have lost.
A true style essential, The Kalmus Baseball Cap will last you a lifetime in both design and quality.

The cap is highly exclusive and is made in a limited edition of just 16 caps in total.


:: Handcrafted in Copenhagen, Denmark
:: Inspired by the baseball cap design emerged in the 1960s, updated in the 2022
:: The brim is made from RHANDERS glove leather
:: The lining is made from RHANDERS silk scarves off cuts
:: Adorned with 14K gold plated or hematite plated Kalmus flower according to your wish
:: Medium and large size available


:: The cap is made from 100% wool for optimal wear and to avoid that the colour gets lightened by sunlight. The fabric is from Gebrüder Mehler Tuchfabrik in Bayern.
:: The finest and most exquisite RHANDERS lamb glove-leather for the brim, offering a butter-soft touch with an astonishing world-class strength
:: Handmade as per traditional cap-making traditions
:: Designed, developed and crafted hand in hand by two companies with a love for premium, sustainable and longlasting craftsmanship
:: Composition: 100% wool, 100% lamb leather for the brim

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