The Kalmus Baseball Cap is born from a desire of protecting and safeguarding true quality artisanship. We designed, developed and crafted it, hand in hand, with the only danish cap-maker; Wilgart. He passionately shares our dedication to premium, sustainable and long-lasting craftsmanship.




We believe in the power of a classic piece. With this collaboration, the most iconic and versatile cap design has become a gem of rare craftsmanship.
Handcrafted, constructed and handsewn in Bornholm, Denmark, it is an ode and testament to a craft we thought we might have lost in Scandinavia.
A true style essential, The Kalmus Baseball Cap will last you a lifetime in both design and quality.



We dived into our treasures to find the finest materials for the baseball cap. This resulted in a delicious treat for both the eyes and the hand-feel. The brim is made from butter-soft RHANDERS glove leather. The cap is crafted from 100% german wool for comfortability, wear and colour-fastness. The lining is sewn from RHANDERS silk scarves off cuts. The leather strap, which can adjust the cap size, is tanned with natural acid pulled out in a rhubarb extract. And finally, the cap is adorned with a 14K gold plated or hematite plated Kalmus flower according to your wish.


With something so finely handmade, the cap is, needless to say, highly exclusive and is made in a limited edition of just 16 caps in total. 


August 15, 2022 — Rina Hansen