The ”Girl in Gloves” has been a trademarked icon for Randers Handskefabrik for more than 125 years.  

Her name is Yvette Guilbert, a renowned French cabaret singer, who always entered the stage wearing long black gloves.

Yvette was the muse of the famous french painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. He did numerous sketches and paintings of her in the iconic 'gloves pose' during their relationship. However, his original painting for Randers Handsker was created in 1894 depicting Yvette in New York during her tour of the States in the 1890's.

Yvette Gilbert Randers Handsker trademark poster


Four photographs, taken in New York, which traced the story of Yvette Guilbert, were the the basis for Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's paintings.   RHANDERS Yvette Gilbert



The original painting has been exhibited at Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen, and our trademarked poster, an original lithograph, commissioned by the owner of Randers Handsker, Thomsen, was made in Berlin in 1896, and is still in our hands at the glove atelier. 

Yvette Guilbert was born in Paris in 1865 and died in Aix en Provence in 1944. Her legacy still lives on, not just via the worldknown paintings, but also via her songs, which can be heard on Youtube here

The original 'Girl in Gloves' painting has never been interpreted for modern times, until today were the brand enters its 210-year anniversary. 

Mette Boesgaard, an acclaimed danish artist and illustrator, whose work has adorned Cartier and ELLE, took on the large task with great humility and sensibility. 

The 2020 drawing will in no shape or form replace the original from 1890. It is rather thought as a homage to Yvette Guilbert - and a curious investigation into how she would look in our time of age. 

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