When Mark Kenly Domino Tan came to us to propose a collaboration for his AW20 collection, we immediately said yes. 

The reason being, that Mark has a long and beautiful history with RHANDERS. In fact, he has roots in our city, and when he was a young aspiring designer, he did an internship at our glove atelier. So, he already possessed a thorough understanding of the complications of working with glove-leather, as well as, the intricate craftsmanship involved in making a pair of gloves. 

Since the young internship days, Mark has evolved into one of the most esteemed designers in Scandinavia. His tailoring skills and lavish details coupled with a modern approach to dressing is desired around the world. To top it off, his shows are often coined the show of the season. 

Mark Kenly Domino Tan's glove designs were spectacular to us, as it felt like he took a tour of our archive and made a modern version of our gloves. We had the 'Musketeer glove' of the 1930's, the 'Afternoon tea glove' of the 1960's and the 'High judge' extraordinary long gloves with a sumptuous excess of the finest lamb leather. 

We hope you enjoy the visuals from MKDT's stunning AW20 show.