A special piece of our 'Made in Denmark' dream has just come true, as we took over a heritage artisan belt atelier and integrated it into our RHANDERS atelier.

We are on a mission of safeguarding and innovating our 'Made in Denmark' honoured craftsmanship, which can be traced all the way back to the 1250s.


Endnu en drøm er netop gået i opfyldelse i vores stræben efter at bevare udviklingen og produktionen af designs i Danmark; Et bælte atelier er blevet bevaret og er nu en del af RHANDERS’ atelier i Randers.

This mission echoed to danish artisans, and one day not long ago, we were invited by a retired belt-maker to take over his near half-century-old belt-making atelier and give new life to the valued traditions and ways of working.

As in fairytales, sometimes the stars align, and we were in parallel presented with the opportunity to take over the 2000m2 production and warehouse facility - right next to our storied glove atelier. So, during the Summer of 2022, we took a leap of faith and signed on for a new chapter in our ‘Made in Denmark’ mission.

And now, in the Autumn of 2022, the artisan belt production with its traditional leather cutting and sewing machines, tools and stamps are integrated into the RHANDERS atelier. Meaning, we have a full flung atelier production of gloves, bags and belts. And the best thing is that it is ready to be scaled to enliven further product categories.


Alle RHANDERS bæltespænder er håndlavede? Størstedelen af spænderne er belagt med 14K guld eller hæmatit, som en naturlig tilføjelse til vores smykke-kollektion.



Truth be told, it’s not an easy mission, as our modern digitalized society is more shaped to ‘knowing’ rather than ‘doing’. But we believe in the power of being hands-on. Putting words into action. Creating beautiful and purposeful things with the most precious of tools: our hands. Research shows that this very act is the most healthy of actions for humans, as the most reliable path from brain to heart is through the hands. In a more grounded sense, our Made in Denmark mission is driven by an urge to safeguard danish cultural heritage and honoured craftsmanship – so that future generations have the rich skill, power and strength to build on.

While we have only taken the first small steps, we are well on our way – totally aware that a mission this grand cannot be lifted alone. Therefore, we keep extending our hands to other Danish heritage companies with a love for premium and long-lasting craftsmanship. Hand in hand we strive toward making the most beautiful, meaningful and timeless products in Denmark. 




  • Did you know that it takes two days to make a belt? In fact, the belt goes through 17 steps before it is ready to be looped around your waist.
  • Did you know that all RHANDERS belt buckles are custom-made by hand? Most buckles are uniquely plated with 14K gold or hematite, as a natural continuation of our jewellery collection. Actually, we view belts just as much as an aesthetic bejeweling of your waist as a functional item to hold together your outfit.
  • Did you know the official function of a belt? It is to secure or hold up clothing, such as trousers, shorts and skirts. To carry objects, such as tools and weapons. Or, to define or accentuate the waist.
  • Did you know that belts have been documented as clothing since the Bronze Age? Both males and females have used belts as decoration or utilitarian functions (where it was associated with the military uniform).
  • In modern times, men started wearing belts in the 1920s, as trouser waists fell to a lower line, and belt loops were introduced to trouser design for the first time.
  • Did you know that one of the most popular belt jokes is: ‘It doesn’t matter how old they are, they still hold up well so don’t let them go to "waist"; enjoy them now’!






Bæredygtige og håndlavede bælter fra RHANDERS. Fåes bla. i farverne sort, brun, rosa og cognac.