We open the doors to our Archive Outlet on 1 October 2022. It is located in our atelier, giving you a unique glimpse into how the honoured craftsmanship is created - while at the same time offering an exceptional chance to secure gloves, belts and other delicious things at outlet prices.

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Since RHANDERS never has sales, Black Friday, discount codes or other mark-downs in stores or webshop, it is exciting news for all deal hunters and treasure chest lovers that we are opening a factory outlet where you can save between 20% and 70%. 

The Archive Outlet is located in Randers, Denmark, in the middle of our production, but there is also an online version for those who cannot visit Randers. Click here to see the selection for ladies and click here to see the selection for men.


RHANDERS / RANDERS HANDSKER FABRIKSUDSALG en spændende nyhed for alle elskere af et godt køb - Spar mellem 20 og 70%.


In the Archive Outlet, you will be able to shop products with small marks or faults, discontinued items, colours and prototypes. But even if a product has been given the 2. sorting label, the fine products deserve a good and rewarding life, where they can enrich a happy owner's everyday life.


I RHANDERS fabriksudsalg vil man kunne finde 2. sortering, samt restpartier, udgåede varer og prototyper.


You see, every time a craftsman changes the seat, tools, machines or even the sewing needle for a new product, the first pieces she makes will not be perfect enough to make it into our stores. It may also be that we discover a defect in the leather or a colour shade that does not fit perfectly - and therefore ends up in the Archive Outlet.


I dag ser vi hos RHANDERS fabriksudsalget som en yderst glædelig nyhed, da det er et tegn på, at vores 'Made in Denmark' produktion vokser sig større og stærkere.


Today we view the factory outlet as exciting and happy news, as it is a sign that our 'Made in Denmark' production is growing bigger and stronger.

Be sure, there will be an array of delicious, budget-friendly items to dive into. For example, we have 150 different glove models to choose from, so there will definitely be a pair for every hand and every taste. In addition to our popular gloves, there are also belts, bags and scarves, as well as other wonderful products.

In the treasure chest corner, you will also be able to discover exciting archive finds. Among other things, there will be buttons, zippers, silk ribbons and sewing thread from the storied glove factory.


Today we at RHANDERS view the factory outlet as exciting and happy news, as it is a sign that our 'Made in Denmark' production is growing bigger and stronger.


Just as a hundred years ago, when the zeitgeist was characterized by frugality and respect for raw materials and our nature - today collectively named sustainability - this respect and care are important values, which are intrinsically embedded ​​in the company today.


I et helt særligt hjørne af RHANDERS fabriksudsalg vil man også kunne opdage spændende fund fra gamle dage, for der vil blandt andet være knapper, lynlåse, silkebånd og sytråd fra den gamle handskefabrik.


That is why the entire Archive Outlet is made up of recycled materials from the previous glove factory and from our retail stores. You will see, for example, that our display tables are made from apple boxes from RHANDERS’ apple plantation from the 1970s. Drawers and shelves are from the store in Torvegade, from 1894 to 1971. The large pink sofa, boxes and signs are also recycled from our previous stores.

Everything else, such as wooden counters and marble tabletops, we have built ourselves - made from recycled materials on site.



By opening the doors to the Archive Outlet, we also invite visitors directly into our atelier. This means that you can get a taste of how the award-winning craftsmanship is created - completely for free. 

Already at the entrance, you are greeted by our belt studio. Here you can follow the 17 steps needed to make a belt - but you have to stay two whole days if you want to see the finished belt, as a RHANDERS belt takes two days to make from start to finish...

When you go further into the Archive Outlet glass room, surrounded by large windows, you can have a direct view into the seamstress room, where there are 10 different sewing machines and shearing machines.


I RHANDERS fabriksudsalg vil der udover vores populære handsker, også være bælter, tasker og tørklæder, samt andre lækre produkter.


We have created this unique flow to give visitors an experience out of the ordinary. The only thing we ask is that you do not disturb our skilled glove makers, seamstresses and belt makers in their work - because then a straight seam might just become crooked :)

Instead, you are welcome to sit on the grand pink sofa and soak up the entire experience before going in and selecting your favourite products to take home.


We are looking forward to welcoming you.


🏠 Grenåvej 26, Randers C


In addition to our popular gloves, there are also belts, bags and scarves, as well as other wonderful products.