RHANDERS at London Fashion Week

Fashion extraordinaire Cubicle treated RHANDERS to some sparkling days at London Fashion Week AW19. Here we held hands and enjoyed the happenings with some of the industry's most stunning talents - like Beatrice Gutu and the popular sister-duo Sarah and Joanna Halpin. 
Join in via these beautiful cinematic images crafted by Simon Schmidt: 
Beatrice Gutu for RHANDERS
Beatrice Gutu instagram.com/beatrice.gutu wearing white ceremonial gloves.
Emma gloves RHANDERS
Anastasija Ego instagram.com/anastasia.ego/ wearing wine Emma gloves.
Anastasija Je for RHANDERS
Anastasija Ego instagram.com/anastasia.ego wearing rose Emma gloves.
Simon Schmidt for RHANDERS
Simon Schmidt instagram.com/ownwayofinspiration wearing white ceremonial gloves. 
Sarah and Joanna Halpin for RHANDERS
Joanna Halpin instagram.com/joannahalpin wearing wine Emma gloves.
Sarah Halpin instagram.com/sarahhalpin wearing rose Diana gloves. 
Huge thanks to CubicleCubicle Journal and her entire collective.