Preben from the beautiful sea side town in Denmark, Risskov, came into our Randers store to get his gloves repaired after 40 years of use. We offer this special service to our customers, which in turn gives us the pleasure of hearing many lovely stories of gloves and their life.

Preben was gifted his Peccary gloves 40 years ago by his wife when they were newlywed. After 11 years, he lost one of the gloves. So, the tanner, glove cutter and seamstresses at Randers Handskefabrik was charged with the project of crafting a ‘mate glove’ for the original gloves. As you can imagine, it is quite a project, as the tanner has to match a worn Peccary skin – and not only match it for that day, but foresee how they would marry 3 years from that day. Nevertheless, the match making was completed to perfection and the gloves went on to warm Preben’s hands for another 20 years. During that time, the curly lamb lining was changed once and then, about 10 years later, Preben came to get a stitch repaired. This is when we asked him if we could borrow his gloves to capture the story of the gloves in a photo. 

Preben kindly agreed, and we paired up his 40-years old gloves with a new pair from the collection. You see, good raw materials, design and craftsmanship can last for more than a hundred years. And, this is just the case with our ‘Christian’ Peccary gloves. 

We imagined that Preben’s gloves has been through quite a tale; first holding hands with his wife when they were newly married, then taking his kids to school on a cold winter day, around town with his good friends and later holding hands with his grandchildren on the playground in the snow.

This tale made us take picture of Preben’s seasoned glove - full of life experience, love, stories and patina – together with the brand new Christian gloves that has yet to see and experience life outside our glove factory in Randers.