To celebrate International Women's Day we wish to treat you with a dreamy silk gift and invite you to embark on a journey in RHANDERS' rich history. 

A century-long history in which strong and inspirational women have played a key role. 

RHANDERS' owner and CEO, Rina Hansen, praises all the incredible women in design, heritage and craftsmanship. She explains: 


Cultural heritage with soul and strenght

"The products I am most proud of are the ones with a meaningful history, that makes them ever so relevant for the future. 

Can you imagine that incredible women as Marie Antoinette made gloves and leather products from Randers so famous, that they become the most important Danish export goods? The Danish princess Dagmar, continued to wear and praise Danish gloves even after she became Zarina of Russia,

Products like Dagmar, Sophia, Louisa and Gwen were either born in that historic period of time, or it is where the main source of inspiration for creating them comes from."



In the 19th century, there were 200 glove makers (men) employed at our Glove Factory. The seamstresses (women) were not counted! But we can see from the images in our archives that there were even more women than men. 
Among the city's wealthiest women, it was even considered chic to sew gloves. 
The glove factory also trained women on poorhouses, and taught them how to sew gloves, so that they could support their household and children. 
These women built a solid foundation for the modern craft of glove making, with techniques and features that are still used for many everyday essentials as bags, gloves and accessories, which are in the collection to this day - like the Isabella Bags, the George police gloves and the Helena mittens with the softest pearl lamb lining. 

The Woman Behind the Man

Rina says, 'when I went through Glove Factory's archives every Tuesday for a year, I kept coming across the lady of the house's works. I was amazed by how it was always her who designed the products. We have the finest hand-drawn pattern books that date back to 1931 and whose designs are still in the collection today - as bestsellers! The most mustainable thing for me is design that lasts for 100 years in style and quality'. These include the famous Anna glove and the Winston glove (which King Frederik wore in white during his coronation).