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We believe in repairing instead of replacing.

With the right care and wear, our handcrafted products can last a lifetime. And, our styles last for just as long - in fact, our bestselling products have been in the collection for more than 80 years. A true testimony to timeless design and quality craftsmanship. 

Winter can be hard and the gloves that are your steady companions in venturing out in the cold might need some love with the changing of seasons. 
Therefore, we offer to iron and stretch your gloves, making them shine again and giving them new life. 
They will be ready for a new winter and for a rest during the summer. 

:: Hand in your gloves at one of our stores, or ship to our glove atelier together with a return envelope. 
:: We stretch your gloves to restore the elasticity of the leather
:: We iron and press them to even out the creases and avoid them losing shape - making them look near new again
:: We return the gloves to you

:: Kindly note:
We never recommend using impregnation or wax on our leather gloves, as it ruins the leather. If impregnation or leather wax has been used anyway, the gloves are much more sensitive to heat, and we, therefore, in that case do not recommend the winter-ready service. 

The service is intended for the off-season: May - September, in order to be ready for winter. If you wish to use the service in the winter season, please allow 4 weeks. 

We only perform Winter Ready Service on gloves from RHANDERS
or Randers Handsker to ensure the correct care.

See the before and after photos for the unbelievable magic