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Cordelia was born to show off watches, jewellery and the ladies wrist. She is a ladies lady with an utterly chic Parisian touch. She brings back the classic elegance with 3 points, which elongate the hand and offer a refined fit. But turn her around, and you will find modern technology and one-size fit embedded in the palm.

:: Designed in our atelier in the 1950's, updated in 2019
:: One-size fit
:: Water repellent 3M nano-technology
:: Touch technology for mobile phone use
:: 3 points
:: Hematite plated Kalmus flower

:: The finest and most exquisite lamb leather, offering a butter-soft touch with an astonishing world-class strength.
:: Warm wool-blend lining with a slight touch of nylon for strength and lifelong wear
:: Table-cut by hand as per centuries of glove-cutting tradition
:: Designed, crafted and developed on more than 200 years of experience
:: Composition: 90% lamb leather, 10% lycra. Lining: 80% wool, 20% nylon
:: The touch technology in the gloves might fade with time depending on usage

    Sewn with Half Piqué, which is the most delicate sewing technique – only mastered by few seamstresses in the world. The results? A sophisticated finish with a perfectly elegant feel, wrapping tightly around your fingers. 

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