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The Botanical Kalmus Scarf is crafted as a homage to the Kalmus plant's rich legacy in our heritage and history. 

Originally an Indian medical plant, the Kalmus was brought to the water streams in Randers by French monks during the Middle Ages. By coincident the tanners, working along the stream, discovered that rubbing the leather with the Kalmus plant, left the leather not only soft, but also with a beautiful recognisable scent. This characteristic scent, together with the gloves' incredible softness, made European Royals and Aristocrats specifically request gloves from Randers. Allegedly, French Queen Marie Antoinette wore the gloves to enhance her beauty sleep... 

Today, we celebrate planting the Kalmus flower in our very own RHANDERS Forest. To mark this in style, we asked our friend and art collaborator, Mette Boesgaard, to create a special illustration of the Kalmus. This resulted in a botanical styled Kalmus, which nods to the graphical Kalmus brandmark adorning all our products. 

Read more about our Kalmus Brandmark here and dive into the RHANDERS Forest here


:: Created by acclaimed artist and illustrator Mette Boesgaard
:: Kalmus pattern 
:: Measure: 100 x 100 cm


:: Made from 100% organic cotton 
:: Silk screen print done by hand as per traditional methods