William is a classic with a striking fit. He is a formidable leader with an eloquent voice and a stylish tone. Inspired by the Royal Navy glove, which we have made for centuries, William is the classic version, elevated for everyday life - and this one-size edition offers an easy fit-all pair of gloves. Put him on and go!

:: Designed in our atelier in the 1970s, updated in 2020
:: One-size fit
:: Touch technology for mobile phone use
:: Water repellent 3M nano-technology
:: 3 points
:: Antibacterial version can be chosen, treated with multi-award-winning Micro-Fresh® formula and preventing up to 99,99% of microorganisms and pathogenic bacteria
:: Hematite plated Kalmus flower

:: The finest and most exquisite hair sheep leather, offering a butter-soft touch with an astonishing world-class strength
:: Underhand created with strategically placed panels of lycra, known for its exceptional elasticity
:: Warm wool-blend lining with a slight touch of nylon for strength and lifelong wear
:: Table-cut by hand as per centuries of glove-cutting tradition
:: Designed, crafted and built on more than 200 years of experience
:: Composition: 90% lamb leather, 10% lycra. Lining: 80% wool, 20% nylon
:: Please note: The touch technology in the gloves might fade with time depending on usage

    Stitched with inside seams for a casual and easy look. William has cool and practical cutouts with meticulously stitched edges on moving parts of the hand, which gives you optimal and flexible movement. 


    Gloves can be your lifelong companion. So choose carefully, find your perfect pair and they will protect you and keep you in style - just like a good pair of jeans. LEARN HOW. 

    With the proper care and wear, a pair of RHANDERS gloves can last a lifetime, and because we believe in crafting classic hero pieces - they will keep you in fashion for just as long. LET US GUIDE YOU in caring for them. 

    We believe in repairing instead of replacing. Some call it sustainability. We call it CARE AND REPAIR

    The foundation of our craft is the materials we work with. 
    READ MORE about the perfect flaws of natural materials and how to make them last many seasons.