We believe in repairing instead of replacing.

With the right care and wear, our handcrafted products can last a lifetime. And, our styles last for just as long - in fact, our bestselling products have been in the collection for more than 80 years. A true testimony to sustainable design and quality craftsmanship. 

As thread has a shorter lifespan than leather, it may occur that a seam comes undone because of wear and tear. We offer to repair your broken seams to give your gloves a new life.

:: Hand in your gloves at one of our stores, or ship to our glove atelier together with a return envelope. 
:: We repair your seams and make the gloves ready to warm your hands again 
:: We stretch and iron your gloves - making them look near new again
:: We return the gloves to you

Please note that this service applies to mending of existing seams. We don't guarantee that tears in the leather will be possible to repair.