Out of respect for our precious raw materials, we continue RHANDERS' centuries-long 'zero-waste-policy' tradition.

Whether it is off-cuts or leftovers from butter-soft glove leather or delicate organic silk, we remix the leftovers into new, meaningful and functional objects.

Mom and dad mittens give birth to baby mittens. Silk scarves are transformed into sleeping masks or lavender bags. And, belts give space for keyrings and wallets.

For this season, we dug deep into our storied leather stockroom - and our heartbeats went racing from the colourful, butter-soft wonders. The precious materials slowly evolved into timeless designs, such as the Swan bag, Anna Pouch and Louisa Bag.

Each bag is crafted by hand in our atelier from the beautiful upcycled atelier leather, that goes as far back as the 1940's. Some leathers have been used for our clothing collection in the 1960's and some leathers were originally destined for opera gloves or an order for the Spanish army. 

Each piece is unique. Created on a promise for a better world.

All leathers are limited and not regular colour runs, but one-of-a-kind. Resulting in each bag standing proud as a limited edition in the famous butter soft glove-leather.

Our mission:

Upcycling, repairing and securing premium craftsmanship