Save the Children Denmark approached Randers Handsker to create an exclusive product to mark their 75-year-anniversary. This has materialized in the RHANDERS collection via the belief “Warm Hands, Happy Heart”. 

For 75 years, Save the Children has fought for the rights of all children to have a good and safe upbringing. “All children deserve the best start in life - no matter who they are or where they live. We fight for this mission every day everywhere in the world, and we have been doing this for 75 years. We are very grateful for the collaboration with RHANDERS during our anniversary year, because it contributes to the continuation of our work - also for the next 75 years”, says Save the Children Denmark’s secretary general, Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen. 

“Save the Children makes a major difference on multiple levels and their work reminds us why it is important to take care of all children, safeguarding a good childhood. We are very proud to be part of this important mission and to support it financially. Specifically, we are launching a one-year campaign and with anniversary products that symbolises warm, caring hands that take care of children in need, says Rina Hansen, CEO of RHANDERS.

The Save the Children product range includes a special edition of the popular RHANDERS female gloves, Anna, created with lining in Save the Children signature red colour. The small 14K gold-plated Kalmus flower, which discreetly adorns the soft lamb leather, is engraved with a heart to symbolise and remind us to embrace and take care of children. Read more and buy Anna Heart here.

The glove atelier and production facilities at Randers Handskefabrik have been revived especially for the Save the Children production of the iconic Islandic lamb mittens – in both a male and female version. Also, a mini mitten keyring is brought to life especially for the cause from off-cuts in the production process of the mother and father mittens. While being cute and handy, the keyring also acts as a gentle reminder of offering warm, caring hands to children.

The initiative is also highlighted by a series of activities designed to help spread the word about the important work of Save the Children. For example, there will be events for the whole family in Randers Handsker’s stores with drawings, kalmus cookies and miniature gloves, all symbolizing the cause and the message “Warm Hands, Happy Heart”.

#WarmHandsHappyHeart will furthermore be activated and supported by well-known influencers, who are caring mothers and fathers themselves, and thereby supporting the Save the Children collaboration by posting on Instagram.


You can download the mini-colouring book we have made for the occasion, by following this link or receive a copy in store. 

Enjoy glove-colouring! 🎨