As a homage to the heritage and history of Randers glove-making, the graphical shape of the kalmus flower adorns all RHANDERS products.

Every year, RHANDERS has been creating a new version of the Kalmus; each shape taking form in the light of events and feelings that have brought us together during the past year.

With the release of a new Kalmus, our wish is to give the opportunity to cherish the special moments that you have experienced, or to keep close to the heart in order gather the courage to plunge in a new year of adventures.

As we move forward, do not miss the opportunity to discover all the past Kalmus jewels.

YEAR: 2019


The Kalmus necklace pendant is the exact size and shape of the Kalmus brandmark on our gloves - and are just as stunning as a delicate piece of jewellery.

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YEAR: 2020


Born from a turbulent year that left everyone grasping for certainty, the Kalmus Outline is a delicate yet positive statement of not letting the negative space have the main focus.

Feminine and airy, it goes through life softly. Bringing lightness to our minds and hearts.

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YEAR: 2021


A modern remix of the classic Kalmus - being 4 times as bold and voluminous, as we did, to protect ourselves during this year. It has a youthful energy, an optimistic beat, power and strength.   

A reaffirmation of the ego: after looking inwards and focusing on self improvement the Kalmus is ready to be back, bolder than ever before.

Discover the whole series with the matching Chunky Kalmus Ring, Earrings, Earring Bar and Neck Ring

YEAR: 2022


A rounded and earthy version of our iconic Kalmus brandmark. 

The design is rooted in a defining ethos of our time; the need to connect with nature - hold Mother Earth close to our heart and nurture her for future generations. 

YEAR: 2023


Crafted as a symbol for 'safeguarding your treasures'.

It is an enchanting piece of jewellery from ancient times, commonly believed to have special powers. Amulets are thought to be infused with magic or blessed in such a way that it protects its owner. 

We believe that there is a special kind of magic and rootedness in safeguarding your personal treasures in uncertain times, whether it be through a poem, sign or a picture of your loved ones.

Dedicated to finding strength in our dearest memories so that we can face the future.

Discover the whole series with the matching Amulet Kalmus Ring, Earrings and Belt.