The lead-up to the final family transfer of RHANDERS was done with respect and consideration. After 11 years, the couple Rina & Thomas Bro Hansen took over the company on 15 February 2019, and the company is now owned by only the 5th family since 1811.




Rina Hansen, CEO says:

RHANDERS is Denmark's oldest trademark. For more than 200 years, RHANDERS has combined classic design with an incomparable cultural heritage. As responsible heirs, we undertake to cherish and honour the city's proud history as honoured glove makers.

From the beginning to the company we are today, RHANDERS has revolutionized and positioned itself as a leading star in quality design and sustainability philosophy thanks to the glove house's continued loyalty to our core values. Our belief in exceptional craftsmanship, classic design and sustainable products has been passed down from generation to generation, and to this day is still our approach to business models and product development.




We believe in the importance of leaving a positive mark, using our hands to build a better future and present in harmony with nature and the environment, all the while continuing to research and innovate to promote sustainable designs.


We have cherished quality craftsmanship with gratitude and respect for what nature has given us year after year. We develop, embellish and produce everything by hand. For us, the starting point is always craftsmanship. We work with our hands and with respect for the materials nature gives us. We always choose the most natural, untreated, organic and sustainable materials we can find - from aniline leather to organic cotton and peace silk.


Glove in lamb leather, sewn with full piqué, wool lining, touch technology, water-repellent, gold-plated Kalmus flower.

Mitten in Icelandic double face, toggled and sewn with prix seams in our atelier in Randers, gold-plated Kalmus flower.




Protecting our culture also means showing a sense of community for the nature we step on and touch. Without a healthy nature, we have no raw materials. In 2021 we bought the RHANDERS forest. Here the ambition is to maintain the existing forest, increase biodiversity and reintroduce the Kalmus plant in the forest's lake.

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