Alfi is easy and playful with a cheeky Kalmus interpretation of the classic leopard pattern. She is silky, soft and luxurious. And, she has humor; see if you can find the hidden Kalmus flowers throughout the pattern...  

The Alfi Silk Lavender Bag is crafted with upcycled leftovers from the Alfi Silk Scarf. Meaning, it is made with care in more than one sense. It helps fulfill our zero-waste-policy, is made from 100 % organic silk and given a new life, when it didn't meet the high quality control for a full scarf. It was remixed into a meaningful and functional object - which will help your beauty sleep.

The Lavender Bag comes stuffed with beautiful lavender, which is grown and nurtured in the RHANDERS forest. The lavender helps add to our biodiversity for both flora and fauna, as butterflies love them.
When the season is over, we handpick and dry the lavender and thereby extends its purpose by giving you the lovely, calming scent in the little bag, which can go under your pillow.

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:: Upcycled from leftovers of Alfi Silk Scarf
:: Kalmus leopard pattern 
:: Delicate and floaty silk, to be handled with care
:: Created with individual parts of the Alfi pattern, making all products unique
:: Measure: approximately 4 x 8 cm


:: 100% organic silk lined with 100% organic cotton
:: Silk screen print done by hand as per traditional methods
:: Lavender grown and nurtured in RHANDERS Forest
:: Marked with our upcycled stamp