208700 Lamb, Wool - ONE HAND


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This glove is one of Randers Handsker´s Classic styles, known for its sophisticated and elegant design, updated to suit today’s needs. Worn by queens, princesses and Tsarinas for hundreds of years. The glove will last you a century - in both quality and style. 

While the material might differ slightly from year to year, depending on what nature offer us, the style will remain the same. 

:: Water repellent
:: Available in lots of beautiful colors
:: 3" long

:: Exquisite lamb glove-leather
:: Warm wool-blend lining with a slight touch of nylon for strength and lifelong wear
:: Table-cut by hand as per centuries of glove-cutting tradition
:: Handmade according to traditional glove making
:: Sewn with full piqué

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