The Swan Bag is a piece of masterful art. A homage to the Danish national bird; the Swan. Its elegant silhouette and full-bodied proportions are brought to life via award-winning leather and age-old craftsmanship skills. Resulting in a soft and intricately constructed luxury bag with no visible outer seams or hardware, making it both endearingly timeless and completely modern. 

For those who value their status as a connoisseur, the Swan Bag can signal a certain level of insider knowledge. Made in Denmark according to 200 years of craftsmanship principles and traditions, and enjoyed clasped, cradled and tucked nonchalantly in the crook of your arm.

The Winter Swan is a special limited edition, which is crafted from our Icelandic doubleface lamb, just as the iconic Helena Heart mittens. 


:: Made in Denmark at Randers Handskefabrik
:: Unlined, as the soft lining is inherent in the double-face lamb
:: 14K gold plated chain
:: 14K gold plated Kalmus flower


:: The finest and most exquisite lamb leather, offering a butter-soft touch with an astonishing world-class strength
:: Double-face long-haired soft lamb meaning the lining is inherent in the material 
:: Table-cut by hand as per centuries of glove-cutting tradition
:: Designed, crafted and built on more than 200 years of experience
:: Composition: 100% double-face long-haired soft lamb