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Adela is full of grace and character. She owns timeless femininity, layered with a modern sparkle. She might be the young one in the family, but she will surely keep you warm - and put a little smile on your face whenever you take her out and about.

To ensure the perfect fit of your Adela gloves, we recommend that you select your glove a half size larger than your preferred glove size.

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Gloves for women

Our collection of gloves made with unique leathers, which are hard to come by today.

The gloves may have been part of smaller surplus stock, waiting to shine in our historic warehouse, may carry more minor imperfections in either surface or colour, or are newer seconds with flaws almost invisible to the eye

Enjoy up to 60% discount 

Timeless treasures

Dive into a world of unique gloves for women made by legendary glove makers and seamstresses.

Dating back to the 1940's, each original style embodies a timeless piece of culture, art and history.