A special edition of the classic Frederik driving gloves, crafted as a limited edition for our partnership with the Rolls Royce Enthusiast Club. Frederik Peccary is a magnificent king of leather creations. Kind, handsome and with a heart singing for adventure and the feeling of freedom. He is your man for the lazy autumn and frosty spring days. For driving speed and for leisure. If you can get your hands on him, he will age beautifully and live throughout your stories and maybe the next generation as well.  

:: Celebrating the 110th anniversary of the Flying Lady – the iconic hood ornament on every Rolls-Royce motor car
:: Designed in our atelier in the late 1950's
:: Incredibly strong Peccary leather
:: Water repellent
:: Hematite plated Kalmus flower

:: The most sought after glove-skin, the impeccably South American Peccary. Rare and exceptional, it has the most exquisite feel, but is so strong that it will last you a lifetime
:: Unlined for the softest and ultimate hands-on feel
:: Table-cut by hand as per centuries of glove-cutting tradition
:: Designed, crafted and built on more than 200 years of experience

    Stitched with full piqué, which is the most delicate sewing technique – only mastered by few seamstresses in the world. The results? A sophisticated finish with a perfectly elegant feel, wrapping tightly around your fingers, as there are no inside seams. 

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