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Micro-Fresh® is an innovative and invisible antibacterial technology that is tanned into our glove-leather at our tanneries, and incorporated into our cotton and textile products at our glove atelier in Randers, Denmark.

Now we offer this technology for home use. 

This antibacterial spray is a handy companion when you wish to treat the surface of your textile gloves, clothes, bedding or shoes with antibacterial technology. 

The 30ml bottle is made from amber glass, which protects against UV rays, and a metal cap and spray. It is eco-friendly, washable and re-fillable. 

Micro-Fresh® properties:

    • Anti-bacterial properties: prevents up to 99.99% of micro-organisms and pathogenic bacteria
    • Eco-friendly: OEKO-TEX Standard 100. Approved in all 4 classes I-IV. European BPR Registered
    • Hypo allergenic: Certified DMF free and free from restricted substances and SVHCs
    • Effective for the useful lifetime of the textile product: maintains anti-bacterial properties beyond 50 washes for textile gloves, with effective and environmentally friendly wash by hand or just 30 degree celcius. 
    • Effective for the useful lifetime of the leather product: maintains anti-bacterial properties and stays in the leather for lifetime.
    • Active ingredients: a reaction mass of titanium dioxide and silver chloride
    • Produced by Micro-Fresh® in Leicester, UK


The antibacterial treatment can be used for the following and more: 

  • Clothes: especially good at eliminating smell at the armpits 
  • Scarves: to keep bacteria and virus away from your mouth and nose
  • Textile gloves: for hygienic hands 
  • Shoes: to eliminate smell and keep shoes fresh

Apply by spraying evenly from 15-20cm distance. Use approximately 1ml for an area of 30x15cm., and leave to dry for 4 hours. If blotching occurs due to too much spray in one area, it will disappear in wash. 


Please note that this antibacterial home treatment is only suitable for the above mentioned elements. It is not suitable for leather, skin or oral use. Use of the product is at the owners risk.

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