This beautiful summer we want to share the luxury of RHANDERS with you. 

Each week from June 13th to July 31st we will give away two RHANDERS designs to the recipients of our newsletter, also called “The Kalmus Club”. If you already receive our newsletter, all you have to do is just wait and see if you will be the lucky winner. If you are not signed up, then enter your email right here: SIGN UP HERE

Naturally, you can unsubscribe from the newsletter whenever you wish.

The winners will be contacted directly, and will also be announced on this page, showing first name and city/country.

For winners in Denmark, we’ll send the gifts with free delivery, but for winners outside of Denmark, the delivery fee will be paid by the recipient.


WEEK 24 – GIFT 1
Winner: Kirsten, Denmark

WEEK 24 – GIFT 2
Winner: Julie, Denmark

WEEK 25 – GIFT 1
Winner: Hans, Denmark

WEEK 25 – GIFT 2
Winner: Vivi, Denmark

WEEK 26 – GIFT 1
Winner: Nathalie, Germany

WEEK 26 – GIFT 2
Winner: Anders, Denmark

WEEK 27 – GIFT 1

WEEK 27 – GIFT 2

WEEK 28 – GIFT 1

WEEK 28 – GIFT 2

WEEK 29 – GIFT 1

WEEK 29 – GIFT 2

WEEK 30 – GIFT 1

WEEK 30 – GIFT 2

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