24 days / 24 gifts

This Christmas we wish to share our most classic and timeless designs with our loved ones. We have made it our life mission to preserve and develop the traditional craftsmanship methods used in our craft for centuries. And we are so proud that you are with us on our exciting journey.

As a special thank you, we will give away an exclusive RHANDERS design each day from December 1st to the 24th to a lucky recipient of our newsletter, the Kalmus Club.

If you already receive our newsletter, then just wait and see if you will be the lucky winner. If you’re not receiving our newsletter, you can subscribe right now.  


Of course, you can unsubscribe from the newsletter anytime you wish.

The winners will be contacted directly, and will also be announced on this page, showing their first name and city/country.



 1 December 
Winner: Mette, Denmark

 2 December 
Winner: Lars, Denmark

3 December 
Winner: Tina, Denmark

4 December
Winner: Merete, Denmark 

5 December  
Winner: Anne, Denmark

6 December 
Winner: Inge, Denmark

7 December 
Winner: Stig, Denmark

8 December 

9 December 

10 December 

11 December 

12 December 

13 December 

14 December 

15 December 

16 December 

17 December 

18 December 

19 December 

20 December 

21 December 

22 December  

23 December 

24 December